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Happy Air Traffic Controllers Day 2021!

Every year on the 20th of October, the International Day of Air Traffic Controllers is observed and celebrated across the world. It is a special day for all professionals who keep our air travel safe through their hard work and dedication. It is the day when we all can acknowledge, recognize and appreciate their sacrifice.

Air Traffic Controllers work 24/7 to make air travel the safest mode of transportation. This hard work comes with lots of night shifts, overtime, missing dinner with their families, and weekends on watch.

As we are a company that builds a product for optimizing their shift scheduling, we feel excited to be able to offer a small, humble but resourceful gift, which can materialize in making their life and health better.

Therefore, we are offering an extra 6 months free of charge to every Air Navigation Service Provider that signs up for a paid subscription on our SkyRoster Cloud Platform today, 20th of October. And we back this up with full implementation support from our ATM business analysts, which will offer a smooth transition from Excel scheduling to rostering automation.

We will provide a nurturing ground for a safe staff scheduling culture in every ANSP. For the greater good - Healthier ATCOs and Safer Skies. Let's grow this seed together.

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