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Airports Rostering Scenarios

Dive into our examples that spotlight scheduling solutions for ground staff with SkyRoster. These fictional scenarios reveal how SkyRoster can tackle prevalent issues. These include the labor-intensive manual creation of schedules, inflexible scheduling during disruptions, and excessive overtime that leads to staff burnout and high turnover rates. Explore SkyRoster's capabilities and its potential to transform your rostering approach through the scenarios below.

Access the scenarios 

optimising ground staff.png

Explore the scenario that demonstrates how SkyRoster tackles difficult challenges, with one of the outcomes from using the platform showing a reduction in overtime costs by approximately 20%, resulting in significant monthly savings.

Discover the scenario in which SkyRoster addresses challenges, including high overtime costs and significant staff fatigue due to manual rostering, showcasing one of the outcomes: a 25% decrease in reported staff fatigue and burnout cases, significantly improving employee well-being.

fatigue and overtime management.png
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