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Medical Staff Rostering

SkyRoster for Healthcare


Say goodbye to manual scheduling

  • All medical and non-medical staff  data in one place.

  • All types of leaves at one screen distance.

  • Shift-swaps without any hassle.



HR management

All your organizational data stored in a secure digital contract is convenient and means that you can keep everything up to date and compliant. You can easily define and customize digital contracts at any level in the hierarchical organizational chart, making it easy to keep track of your employees.


Leave management

Manage all types of leave requests - annual leave, sick leave, wedding leave, maternity leave and more - from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Quickly filter requests by type and status, and approve, reject or delete them with just a few clicks. Keep track of employees’ vacation days and convert overtime to extra time off, all without messy spreadsheets.

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Automated Rostering with AI-based optimisation algorithms

Define your own rules and constraints to stay compliant with regulations, prevent scheduling mistakes, and reduce time spent on manual workforce planning. With improved planning flexibility, you can optimize costs and manage fatigue while ensuring that your company stays compliant.


What else can SkyRoster do for your business?

Advanced Competency Management

Workforce Demand Planning

Break Planner

Personal Calendar

Integrated Reporting

SkyRoster Mobile App

Practical System Configuration

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Focus on the crucial tasks
Manual Scheduling vs. Automated Rostering

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Before SkyRoster

The pain and time wasted to schedule everyone manually using a physical calendar or in spreadsheets.

There is a time-consuming and frustrating process of exchanging emails between colleagues for shift swaps and approval from the manager.

No one enjoys keeping track of their hours worked, especially when it's all done by hand. 

The highway to errors when a disruption occurs - a shift swap between colleagues, an emergency leave - the schedule is updated manually.

After SkyRoster

It's easy and fast to schedule using SkyRoster.


You don't have to prepare a pitch to change your shift or send that email. You can just change it with one of your available colleagues, and you'll be notified of the approval or rejection.


Forget about tracking hours as a burden, you have all your worked hours and remaining days off at a glance.


Schedule without any stress of making an error when a disruption occurs.

Get the big picture

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The productivity reports will provide valuable insights that will help the workforce time optimization.

Streamline workforce and rosters

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Automated Rostering with AI-based optimisation algorithms is the perfect solution to streamline the roster. It's reliable, simple to use, and can easily accommodate any disruptions that come up. Plus, it's a great way to keep track of employee working hours.

Error-free schedule

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The best thing about having everything all set up is that everyone can schedule their time without any stress of making an error that will cost time and money.

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