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Medical Staff Rostering

Optimized Rostering: Time-Saving, Life-Saving 

In a field where time is critical, say goodbye to outdated scheduling. SkyRoster sets the bar for fast, automated, and precise staff allocation. Navigating healthcare's complex demands and regulations ensures balanced staffing while protecting finances and patient care. With real-time adaptability for unexpected changes, SkyRoster is not just a tool—it's essential for optimal efficiency and medical staff and patient well-being.


The embodiment of precision, compliance, intelligence, and empathy, SkyRoster offers:

Adaptive Rostering

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Our tool flexibly molds itself to the real-time needs of your healthcare environment, whether it's a sudden surge in patient care requirements or an unexpected staff absence.

Automated Compliance

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Effortlessly navigate the intricate world of healthcare compliance with automated checks and balance systems.

Cost Efficiency

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SkyRoster's intelligent allocation ensures optimal staff deployment, reducing costs, and elevating care quality.

Future-Ready Technology

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Scalable, adaptable, and continually evolving, SkyRoster is prepared to grow with you.

Understanding the Need for SkyRoster Healthcare

Rostering is more than a logistical challenge. It's about patient lives, medical staff's well-being, and healthcare institutions' sustainability. Here's where the traditional methods falter and SkyRoster shines.

Personalized Care Planning

Unlike rigid rostering systems, SkyRoster understands that every patient and every medical professional is unique. Our tool allows for personalized care planning, taking into consideration the individual needs and preferences of patients and staff.

Real-Time Response

Healthcare doesn’t wait. Neither should your rostering system. SkyRoster's real-time response ensures that unexpected changes are met with immediate solutions, keeping your care continuum uninterrupted.

Advanced Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with our in-depth analytical tools, assessing patterns and trends, and foreseeing potential challenges.

Environmental Consideration

SkyRoster believes in sustainable healthcare. Our paperless system is a small step towards a greener tomorrow.

How SkyRoster Helps
Solve Real Problems

The Problem of Overstaffing

the problem of overstaffing.png

Traditional systems can lead to costly overstaffing. SkyRoster's intelligent algorithms ensure optimal staff allocation without compromising patient care.

The Challenge of Burnout


Medical staff well-being is paramount. SkyRoster helps prevent burnout by considering individual workload, preferences, and fair distribution of shifts.

Navigating Compliance

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Staying abreast of the ever-changing healthcare laws is daunting. SkyRoster's automated updates ensure you're always in line with the latest regulations.

Enhancing Collaboration


Foster a collaborative environment with SkyRoster's communication tools, enabling smooth coordination between departments.

Witness the potential impact SkyRoster could bring to healthcare environments everywhere.

Large Hospitals:

Consider the possibility of multi-specialty hospitals streamlining their staff scheduling, transitioning from a cumbersome task to a seamless operation. This is the potential offered by SkyRoster.

Small Practices:

The size of the practice shouldn't determine the efficiency of its staff scheduling. SkyRoster envisions bringing toptier rostering solutions to healthcare providers of all sizes.

Specialized Care Facilities:

Whether it's a pediatric unit or a geriatric center, tailored staff scheduling is vital. SkyRoster promises adaptability to each facility's unique staffing needs.

Remote and Rural Healthcare:

Distance should never be an obstacle to optimal staff planning. SkyRoster presents an opportunity for remote and rural healthcare locations to ensure their staffing is as efficient and coordinated as any urban center.

SkyRoster's features


HR management

All your organizational data stored in a secure digital contract is convenient and means that you can keep everything up to date and compliant. You can easily define and customize digital contracts at any level in the hierarchical organizational chart, making it easy to keep track of your employees.


Leave management

Manage all types of leave requests - annual leave, sick leave, wedding leave, maternity leave and more - from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Quickly filter requests by type and status, and approve, reject or delete them with just a few clicks. Keep track of employees’ vacation days and convert overtime to extra time off, all without messy spreadsheets.

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Automated Rostering with AI-based optimisation algorithms

Define your own rules and constraints to stay compliant with regulations, prevent scheduling mistakes, and reduce time spent on manual workforce planning. With improved planning flexibility, you can optimize costs and manage fatigue while ensuring that your company stays compliant.


What else can SkyRoster do for your business?

Advanced Competency Management

Workforce Demand Planning

Break Planner

Personal Calendar

Integrated Reporting

SkyRoster Mobile App

Complete System Parametrization

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We are Your Partner in Progress

Flexible Pricing Plans

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Our pricing plans are as flexible as our solutions. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large hospital network, we have a plan tailored for your needs. Our dedicated account managers will guide you to the best option for your organization.

Dedicated Support Team

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We don’t just provide a tool; we provide a partnership. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or issues, ensuring that SkyRoster is always working optimally for you.

Continual Improvements and Upgrades

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Innovation doesn’t stop. Neither do we. SkyRoster is continually evolving, with regular updates and new features designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals like you.

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