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Automated Tactical Rostering

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Work and break plan with
Automated Tactical Rostering

Dynamic real-time adjustments & insights


Auto-magically solve disruptions


Easy and flexible way to set rules

Tailor your leave management with our easy-to-use feature from SkyRoster
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How automated tactical rostering work?

Translate the scheduled shift into sequences of time on position and breaks, down to 5-minute intervals - This makes it easy to see how your shift will play out and plan for any last-minute changes.

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Adapt daily positioning to disruptions in real-time, by applying a different Sector Configuration and updating the Tactical Roster. Auto-magically, at a press of the “Solve” button. 

Set and control the rules to be auto-checked and fulfilled - from fatigue management, worked time, and working position requirements to banned working position cycles (EXE-BRK-EXE). 

Get insights on real-time coverage using Position and Summary View. 

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Clear overview of your shifts and mitigate induced fatigue

Rostering automation must take into account the proper resting and recovery times of employees and promote swift changes of shifts. It also facilitates the smooth swap of shifts if more recovery time is needed. Manually managing this type of roster is a very time-consuming, error-prone, and complex task.

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