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Practical System Configuration

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Your roster is in your hands. Configure and parametrize.

Fully Configurable Access Roles

Fully Parameterized

Get notified

Tailor your leave management with our easy-to-use feature from SkyRoster
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How to do complete parametrization for all system settings?

Configure and parametrize all system related settings like:

  • Time zone

  • Start of the year

  • Number of hours per working day

  • First day of week

  • Working days

  • Color codes for the Manpower Requirements

  • Color codes for the worked hours

  • Color codes for the qualifications’ validities

  • Public holidays for multiple countries

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Fully configurable access roles based on security permissions

  • Build your access roles to match your organizational needs, by choosing from an extended list of permissions, which define the actions allowed in the application.

Custom notification system

  • Allow users to subscribe to different types of notifications sent via email or in-app, for changes applied directly to him, unit changes, requirements, and qualifications changes, published roster changes and leaves changes.

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Easy to use, you are in control, the system is up-to-date

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