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Competency Management

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Change the game of your competency management

Easily define your requirements

Keep your employees’ licenses in check

Have a clear understanding of overall work

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How to achieve compliance and stability? 

Comply with ICAO and EU ATCO license regulations

  • Define and customize different skill sets, requirements, qualifications, and ranks to map licenses, ratings and endorsements;

  • Comply with ICAO and EU ATCO license management regulation;

  • Control license validities and get rid of manually tracking their expiration dates.

Automated reminders for qualifications close to expire

  • Set conditional validities based on predefined parameters, i.e. “If the employee is younger than 30, the validity is 365 days. Else the validity is permanent.”

  • Color-code thresholds to enhance awareness.

  • Get notified each time a threshold is reached via email, in-app and push notification on the SkyRoster mobile application.

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License suspensions & qualifications management

  • Renew, remove, suspend or add a new qualification with just a few clicks from the Qualifications Management Dashboard.

  • Suspend employees working on a certain qualification for a limited on unlimited period, preventing them to be rostered on shifts requiring that qualification.

Minimum hours worked to maintain qualification

  • Set the minimum number of hours worked on a qualification in a sliding timespan to maintain it active (i.e “in the last 90 days, staff must work 30 hours on this qualification to keep it active”).

  • Automatically assign staff on shifts requiring less worked qualifications to help them gather the necessary hours.

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Let your business run smoothly

The competency management module ensures that your business meets all regulatory requirements and compliance standards. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, while the competency management automation takes care of everything related to compliance.

How to have the right employees working on the right shifts?

Staff substitutions & allocate the right shifts

  • In case of absence of the main employee working on a certain qualification, a staff with a compatible license can be auto-rostered as a substitution.

  • Never schedule employees that are not allowed to work due to missing or expired qualifications.

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OJT management

  • Define staff as Instructors or Trainees on different qualifications.

  • Automatically schedule trainees on shift with their instructors.

Prioritize qualifications for staff with multiple licenses

  • Distribute qualifications evenly across shifts or assign staff to work with priority on certain qualifications.

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