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Workforce Demand Planning

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Streamline your workforce demand planning 

Work flow and efficiencies are improved by smart planning

Workload optimisation based on qualification

Save time with easy automation

Tailor your leave management with our easy-to-use feature from SkyRoster
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Balance air traffic demand and airspace capacity to ensure an optimum, safe and efficient use of airspace. 
  • Define different Working Positions and adjust their time on position and minimum rest time. 

  • Create multiple Sector Configurations from sectors and subsectors. 

  • Assign Working Positions to Sectors and match them with required qualifications and manpower. 

  • Optimise the demand plan by continuously adjusting the Sector Opening Timetable according to traffic forecast and real-time events. 

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Keep your business organized

Optimise the balance of manpower with assigned workloads.

Monitor the fluctuation in demand of workforce with required qualifications.

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