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Critical Industries

SkyRoster overcomes 24/7 shift rostering challenges.
Choose your industry and build balanced rosters for your workforce.
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SkyRoster for
Fire and Rescue

SkyRoster for the Fire and Rescue sector is a scheduling platform that addresses intricate challenges such as developing and overseeing duty rosters based on vital data, facilitating shift exchanges effortlessly, and producing precise reports. It also boasts essential features like Leave Management, Competency Management, and mobile compatibility.


SkyRoster for Healthcare

SkyRoster provides a comprehensive solution for all your staffing needs, whether medical or non-medical. With this platform, not only can you create efficient and well-organized rosters, but you also gain the advantage of seamless tracking, a holistic view of all scheduling, and the assurance of detailed, dependable reports. It's the one-stop solution to manage and streamline your entire staff scheduling process.


SkyRoster for Railway

With SkyRoster, designing a roster absent of conflict can help streamline everyday business operations by freeing up time spent on administrative tasks. Having a real-time view of business performance can help address disruptions and establish clear timetables for your workforce.


SkyRoster for Airports

SkyRoster for Airports creates and compares rosters easily. Shift swaps can be completed quickly and accurately, and reports can be generated with ease. In addition, the platform also includes features such as Leave Management and Competency Management, as well as mobile versions for easy accessibility. 

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