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Healthier ATCOs. Safer skies.

Our Mission

We at SkyRoster are on the mission to transform how Air Traffic Controllers around the world perform their shift work, day after day, and empower them to Work Less for More.

We believe that safe skies rely on the wellbeing of our fellow Air Traffic Controllers. We believe that Air Traffic Controllers should have a lifetime fulfilling career doing what they know best - controlling millions of airplanes that fly us safely to our next destination.

The Problem

The toughest challenge to solve is the way the Air Traffic Controllers' shift work schedule is done. Often times, the rostering managers have to decide between conflicting objectives. Fewer ATCOs on shift or less fatigue? Fewer delays or fewer night shifts?

How do you plan and allocate resources, optimally, for a system with thousands of moving parts and conflicting performance objectives?

ATCO Rostering - the process of scheduling Air Traffic Controllers to their shifts and working positions, critical to ANSPs, is an extremely challenging and computationally intensive task. Variations in staffing, fluctuating traffic volumes, legislation changes, syndicate agreements, ATCO fatigue management, staff planned and unplanned absences, their working preferences, fair distribution of workload - these are just a few of those moving parts. And each new variable increases the complexity exponentially.


Our Solution

Trying to solve the ATCO Rostering problem with spreadsheet scheduling is like going at a Cyber War with a bow and arrows. We believe in the transformational power of technology, so we used our expertise in building safety-critical aviation systems to create the right tool for the job.

SkyRoster is the all-in-one Workforce Planning and Optimization platform for Air Navigation Service Providers, which empowers them to align workforce planning with overall company objectives and KPIs.

Powered by AI and Machine Learning algorithms for constraint-based optimization, SkyRoster helps ANSPs design a technology-first planning process, balancing their goals, increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing employee satisfaction while operating at the optimum safety levels.

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