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Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

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Create cost-optimized rosters to reach your goals

Manual rostering is a costly and time-consuming task. Get a detailed report and find the total of your estimated economies regarding worked hours and wasted money.

How does this calculator work?

This ROI calculator enables you to estimate potential cost savings by using rostering automation. By inputting data, the calculator provides valuable insights into where modifications can be made to optimize your roster and improve efficiency.

A rostering automation analyst will compile the data you have sent us and build your personal ROI estimation report. It will be delivered to your email within 24-48 h.

You will receive via email the explained results for:

  • Average cost/hour/employee;

  • Average cost/hour/planner;

  • Hours wasted by planners per year;

  • Money wasted on manual rostering by planners per year;

  • Money wasted on overtime per year;

  • Money wasted on rostering non-compliance;

  • Money wasted on unoptimized rosters.

Get your ROI Estimation Report!

Thank you for your interest in SkyRoster! You will get the report via email within 24-48 h.

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