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Leave Management Simplified

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Manage time off requests, balances and employee availability in a single place.

Define virtually unlimited types of leaves to match your company’s internal procedures

Listen to employees’ working preferences

Reduce the hassle of managing non-shift duty work

Real-time worked hours and leave balance tracking and reporting

Tailor your leave management with our easy-to-use feature from SkyRoster
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How can you manage your employee availability more efficiently?

Customize leave types for your company's internal needs

  • Define different types of leaves - annual leave, sick leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, military service and more

  • Assign limits for the maximum number of hours taken on a certain period

  • Deduct days from your annual vacation allowance or set them as a bonus

Manage non-shift duty work within the same staff roster

  • Manage training, missions, office work, simulator time and other non-shift tasks within the same platform

  • Enable employees to gain extra time off with each duty hour worked

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Locked intervals & requests management

  • Configure a locked interval by blocking one or more days and prevent employees from taking leave or duty requests during the locked period

  • Manage all requests from the same intuitive dashboard. Filter them by type and status, approve, reject, or delete them with a single click.

Automated time & attendance tracking

  • Keep track of your employees’ remaining vacation days

  • Convert overtime to extra time off and get rid of Excel timesheets

  • Prevent employees from taking more days off than what their digital contracts allow

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Efficiency & flexibility

Get rid of excel sheets. The leave management module offers a great deal of flexibility and can be tailored to your own specific requirements- meaning you can now manage leaves in a more efficient way.

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Reduce overtime and staff management costs

It helps companies roster staff to cover work and to identify and manage associated costs. It is easy for businesses to manage worker availability and shift patterns, ensuring that you always have the staff you need, when you need them.

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Great overview of your roster

Easily keep track of your employees’ remaining vacation days, and prevent employees from taking more days off than what their digital contracts allow. Keep your business running smoothly and avoid any compliance issues. You will have everything really clear in one place.

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How can you nurture your teams’ productivity with efficient leave management?

Empower employees to express their working preferences

  • Employees can set their desired and undesired days to work on their calendars

  • Shift planners can take their working preferences into account when making the shift roster

  • Limit the number of work preferences staff can express in a defined period

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Absence management with self-service

  • Allow employees to make requests from everywhere

  • Define self-approving rules or multi-level approval workflows based on the organizational chart

Integrated notifications & reminders

  • Get real-time notifications each time a request is updated 

  • Send a kind reminder to your Line Manager to handle your request if you don’t receive a response on time

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