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Become a SkyRoster Brand Ambassador

Join our program and let's change the game of rostering together!

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The goals of the program

Staff Rostering is broken. We'll fix it together. Within this program our goals are to:

  • Generate brand awareness, increasing the reach of SkyRoster around the world. By recruiting a network of Brand Ambassadors, we will extend our Rostering Automation arm and make our product available to even more businesses that can benefit from it.

  • Educate. We will help businesses learn about and understand the benefits of Rostering Automation through SkyRoster. As a Brand Ambassador, you'll have the chance to introduce our product to businesses, making product presentations and training, clearly demonstrating how it can help them overcome the challenges of Excel staff scheduling.

  • Drive decision-making, acting as product evangelist. The SkyRoster Brand Ambassador is a passionate advocate for our product, promoting it to potential customers, and using rostering simulations and dashboards to support their decision-making process.

  • Support project implementation. We will help businesses make the transition to rostering automation. By providing guidance and support throughout the entire onboarding process, Brand Ambassadors will play a critical role in helping businesses successfully implement our platform and realize the benefits of Rostering Automation.

Why should you become an ambassador?

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Be at the forefront of the Rostering Automation revolution

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VIP access to the SkyRoster conferences & events


Become part of a growing  community:
Rostering Automation
for the 24/7 Workforce

Exclusive access to internal resources and training

Networking & new opportunities

Become an extension of the SkyRoster team

You can become one of our Ambassadors if:

  • You are an influential professional working (or with previous experience) in constraint-scheduling-critical industries where the workforce is scheduled on 24/7 shifts: Air Traffic Control, Airports, Airlines, Healthcare Providers, Police Forces, Transportation, Assembly Lines, Fire & Rescue, Nuclear Power Plants, Coast Guards.

  • You have a solid network and a strong voice, being recognized as a leader or influencer in your network regarding workforce management practices.

  • You have high expertise in Fatigue Management, Human Factors, 24/7 Roster Design & Best Practices, or Workforce Management & Automation.

  • You believe and understand that SkyRoster is a product that positively impacts companies working 24/7 shifts and their employees.

  • You have a genuine interest in helping companies to make more efficient, cost-effective and healthier staff rosters.

How to become a SkyRoster Ambassador?


Fill in the form below


We will email you the details


We'll sign a Consultancy Services Agreement and start the work

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Become a SkyRoster Ambassador!

Thanks for applying to the program! We'll contact you soon.

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