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SkyRoster Features

SkyRoster is much more than ATCO Rostering Automation
paperless hr management.png

HR Management

Manage all staff data via a unified employee digital contract. Replicate organizational organigram and define top-down contract inheritance from upper-level departments to units and teams. Assign employees to different teams and roster them seamlessly.

competency management.png

Competency Management

Rotate staff on working positions to meet their minimum hours. Get notified when licenses are due to expire. Integrated renewal process.  Never schedule employees who are not qualified to work.

Leave management.png

Leave Management Simplified

Manage time-off requests and balances in a single place, from any device. In case of absences, find compatible replacements with one tap. Request, approve, or swap shifts on the go. Clear overview of worked time and vacation days left.


Workforce Demand Planning

  Define different work positions, adjust the amount of time people spend working in those positions, and set minimum rest periods. Assign work positions to sectors based on the qualifications required for each position, as well as the number of workers you have available. Optimize the demand plan by adjusting the sector opening timetable according to traffic forecasts and real-time events.

Automated rostering.png

Automated Rostering with AI-based optimisation

Secure a full overview of your workforce status. Build rosters that comply with Fatigue Risk Management Systems, labor regulation, traffic predictions, licensing and working preferences. Re-adapt to changes in the day-of-ops. Optimize rosters for overall objectives and KPIs.


Tactical Rostering

Control shift starts and ends in a matter of seconds, no wasting time. See where coverage is and when things are due to play out. Monitor the team's fatigue by setting and controlling the rules.


Personalised Workspace

To get a better overview, you can access the custom dashboard. Then, keep an eye on your requests by integrating your calendar and see how much allowance and days remain.

integrated reporting.png

Integrated Reporting

Configurable reporting provides you with instant access to all your critical data, giving you the power to easily customize reports, create personalized dashboards, and generate visualizations that help you get more done in less time.

mobile app.png

SkyRoster Mobile App

Get all your leave and duty requests in one place. Never miss a shift. Keep your work calendar with you, wherever you are. Stay up-to-date with all the statuses of your leave and duty requests. Track your qualifications’ validities from your mobile phone.

system config.png

System Configuration

Configure the system to meet your organizational needs. Build roles in the application and assign permissions to them based on the actions you want users to be able to take. Allow your users to subscribe to notifications so they can be notified about new changes.

Not convinced yet? Get SkyRoster and discover how you can build balanced rosters with rostering automation!
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