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ROI Estimation Report

Create cost-optimised rosters to reach your goals

Manual workforce rostering is a costly and time-consuming task. By downloading our ROI Estimation Report, you can use our ROI calculator to calculate and discover the total estimated savings in terms of worked hours and wasted money. This report offers an analysis of potential cost reductions and efficiency improvements through the use of a rostering automation platform. With these insights, you can make better-informed decisions to optimise your workforce management and enhance overall productivity.

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How does this calculator work?

This ROI calculator is designed to help you estimate potential cost savings through rostering automation. By entering your data into the calculator, you can gain valuable insights into where adjustments can be made to optimize your roster and enhance efficiency. Upon completing the data entry, you can download a detailed document that includes all the necessary metrics for calculation.

Using the ROI calculator will help you determine the following metrics:

  • Average cost per hour per employee: Understand the financial impact of each employee’s working hour.

  • Average cost per hour per planner: Assess the cost associated with your planning staff.

  • Hours wasted by planners per year: Calculate the total hours that planners spend on manual tasks.

  • Money wasted on manual rostering by planners per year: Estimate the financial loss due to manual rostering inefficiencies.

  • Money wasted on overtime per year: Determine the cost implications of overtime work.

  • Money wasted on rostering non-compliance: Identify the financial penalties and costs associated with not complying with rostering regulations.

  • Money wasted on unoptimised rosters: Evaluate the financial impact of inefficient rostering.

This document serves as a guide, providing you with the calculations and insights to optimise your rostering processes and improve overall efficiency.

Why is ROI significant when creating a duty roster?

When creating a duty roster, you must consider several factors, such as workforce availability and preferences. However, another crucial aspect is the Return on Investment (ROI).


ROI offers a clear picture of the value derived from your invested resources. Essentially, it measures the effectiveness of your duty roster. Providing clear cost estimates is an excellent starting point for roster managers aiming to streamline the rostering process and enhance the long-term satisfaction of employees. 

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