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SkyRoster for Airports

Ground Staff Scheduling

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Keep your people engaged with easy shift scheduling

  • Create and compare rosters for more effective work;

  • Get your schedule, leaves and remaining days in one place;

  • Ensure optimal organization by setting rosters on predefined parameters;

  • Get accurate reports and make informed decisions.

What makes SkyRoster unique for your staff? 

The SkyRoster's engine generates workforce rosters that take into account fatigue management rules and all pre-defined legal requirements.  The platform helps to minimize the time to build the schedule, considering ground staff preferences, days worked and possible unexpected changes.



HR management

Organise the structure with a digital contract that outlines employees' roles in departments or teams. Having all this information in one place will help get rid of paper files and make it easier to share between different HR platforms.

Competency Management


You can set up validities based on predefined parameters if you would like to be kept updated about when certain conditions are met. You can also color-code thresholds to help yourself become more aware of them. If you want to be notified each time a point is reached, you can do so via email, in-app, or push notification on the SkyRoster mobile application.

Leave Management

SkyRoster helps you define different types of leaves and deduct days from the annual vacation allowance accordingly. But it does much more than that. It lets you manage non-shift duty work within the same staff roster, for example, or allow employees to make requests from anywhere. They can also convert overtime to extra time off and eliminate those troublesome spreadsheets once and for all.

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Automated Rostering

Configure shift types and working hours to match your needs and color code them for easy identification. Define clockwise or counterclockwise rotation patterns as a sequence of predefined shift types. Highly optimized and easily extensible constraint-based rostering engine will allow both automatic and manual assignments of shifts to employees.

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Personalised Workspace

Everything is at one click distance. The integrated calendar lets everyone manage the work schedule and keep track of the requests. This feature allows a simple overview of the remaining vacation days, extra allowance earned from on-duty shifts (training, overtime), and preferred days to work fulfilled by the rostering engine.


Integrated Reporting

Build custom reports on different shifts, leave and duty requests, swap requests, hours on position for every qualification, and fulfilled desired and undesired days to work. Visualize reports using the built-in visualizations and charts to understand your data better.

Organize better your most valuable resource

Focus on what is important

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With SkyRoster, its accurate and up-to-date information, you can easily create and manage rosters for your employees. This way, everyone can focus on what is essential and get the job done.

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Healthy and happy crew members

SkyRoster's different scenarios for rosters make it easy to find the schedule that suits the business. People's preferences and the simple way to change their schedules make it easy to maintain a work-life balance.

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