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SkyRoster Features

SkyRoster is much more than ATCO Rostering Automation

Powered by Cloud Intelligence

Built-in flexibility and resilience. Optimize ATCO Planning with the help of Cloud & Artificial Intelligence. Direct access at one click away. No hardware is needed. Pay as you go. No upfront costs, no license fees, no maintenance contracts. Always up-to-date. Cloud-grade security.

Rostering Automation Engine 

Secure a full overview of your workforce status. Build rosters that comply with Fatigue Risk Management Systems, labor regulation, traffic predictions, licensing and working preferences. Re-adapt to changes in the day-of-ops. Optimize rosters for overall objectives and KPIs.

Paper-free Competency Management

Rotate staff on working positions to meet their minimum hours. Get notified when licenses are due to expire. Integrated renewal process.  Never schedule employees who are not qualified to work.

Integrated Leave Management

Manage time-off requests and balances in a single place, from any device. In case of absences, find compatible replacements with one tap. Request, approve, or swap shifts on the go. Clear overview of worked time and vacation days left.

Connected HR

Manage all staff data via a unified employee digital contract. Replicate organizational organigram and define top-down contract inheritance from upper-level departments to units and teams. Assign employees to different teams and roster them seamlesly.

Actionable Notifications

Sudden traffic change? New sectors were opened? The roster was published? Someone can't make it to work? Is any license due to expire? Stay always up-to-date with your workforce status, on any device. The actionable notifications, exactly when you need them.

Not convinced yet? Book a demo with us to see SkyRoster in action!
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