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Railway Crew Scheduling

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Conflict-Free Scheduling for Cost and Time Efficiency

In a business where every minute impacts your bottom line, you know inefficient crew scheduling is a challenge you simply can't afford. That's why SkyRoster is designed with you in mind, providing streamlined, intelligent staff planning that directly addresses your pressing needs. 

Create conflict-free rosters within the app. And with real-time dashboards, you'll make quick, data-driven decisions that enhance performance. Plus, SkyRoster adjusts seamlessly when disruptions happen, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.

Challenges you face with
manual railway crew scheduling:

  • ​Scheduling conflicts disrupt your workflow: Frequent clashes in staff timetables throw off your daily operations, wasting both time and valuable resources.

  • Rising operational costs: The manual effort required for scheduling consumes time and inflates your expenses without assuring efficient staff deployment.

  • Lack of real-time decision-making support: Operating without automated analytics keeps you in the dark, compromising your ability to make timely and effective choices.

  • Difficulty handling disruptions: Adapting to sudden changes becomes an uphill battle when you're manually adjusting schedules, impacting both your efficiency and employee satisfaction.

What makes SkyRoster powerful for your workforce rostering? 

The automated engine can allow you to compare different rosters and find the most effective one for your long-term planning schedules. It's convenient, easy to use, and considers all crucial factors like fatigue management, adaptation to sudden changes, constraints, legal obligations, and staff preferences. You can confidently make the best choices for staff scheduling. 

Conflict-free roster


Rostering automation is key to achieving stable, conflict-free schedules that respect boundary conditions. This will result in fewer delays and easy shift swapping for everyone involved.

Cost and time optimization

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Optimizing schedules can help reduce your company's overall cost, create a more efficient workload for employees, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Real-time data analytics for improving performance

The reporting module can output all data stored, providing reliable and comprehensive reports. This will give you a good performance overview to help you improve your work and mitigate risk.


Error-free roster and optimizing resources 

You can input and manage data related to train crew depots, stations, and engineering depots. The platform is also equipped to handle various T&Cs, such as train crew, customer operations, and engineering roles/grades. SkyRoster system can be configured to match your staff's competence requirements. By having all setup, running your scenarios faster will give you a better view of where you need to allocate your resources. This will help you optimize your time and costs.

Accurate overview and absence management

SkyRoster tracker is handy for supervisors because it helps them keep tabs on their employees and identify potential issues. Additionally, it can be used as a documentation tool for absences and support the absence management process.


The annual leave rostered annually is updated against employee leave records at the beginning of each calendar year. This provides an accurate periodic overview of the business' yearly leave.


Supporting your business aims 

SkyRoster can easily integrate with other systems, making it a valuable business tool. Its database connectivity to a client's data warehouse allows for reporting and integration with Microsoft PowerBI. Its comprehensive reporting capability provides accurate and useful data. This improved business intelligence will support the delivery of business KPIs and precise trend analysis.



HR management

Your company can take advantage of digital contracts to define and tailor agreements to any level within the organizational chart. The changes can be automatically sent to sub-units and teams, or manual overrides can be selected. Employees can be assigned to multiple units, departments, or groups, allowing them to work with their primary team or cross-teams as needed.

Competency Management


It is far simpler to set conditions based on pre-defined parameters. The crew roster optimization and balancing system will take into account factors such as workforce availability, preferences, and other critical elements to make the best choices for your needs.

Leave Management

SkyRoster lets you define various types of leaves and deduct days from your annual vacation allowance as needed. But it does so much more; it enables you to manage non-shift duty work within the same staff roster or allow employees to make requests from anywhere. They can also convert overtime to extra time off and eliminate those intricate spreadsheets.

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Automated Rostering

You customise shift types and working hours to meet your requirements and colour code them for easy identification. As a sequence, define clockwise or counterclockwise rotation patterns of predefined shift types. A highly optimised and easily extensible constraint-based rostering engine will allow employees to be both automatically and manually assigned shifts.

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Personalised Workspace

The dashboard allows everyone to manage the work schedule and requests. This feature provides a simple overview of the remaining vacation days and other information from the platform work history that the rostering engine has filled.


Integrated Reporting

For each qualification, you can create customized reports for different shifts, leave and duty requests, swap requests, or hours on position. You can create reports using the built-in visualizations and charts to understand your data better.


We are Your Partner in Progress

Flexible Pricing Tiers 

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Our pricing models are as adaptable as our scheduling solutions. Whether you run a local commuter service or an expansive national railway network, we've designed a package that suits your needs. Our dedicated account managers are here to guide you to the most cost-effective plan customized for your operation.

24/7 Dedicated Support Team  

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We go beyond providing top-tier software; we establish a true partnership with you. With a support team at your service 24/7, we're always ready to handle any concerns or questions you might have. Our goal is to ensure that SkyRoster remains your reliable asset for flawless railway operations.

Continuous Upgrades and Feature Additions  

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The wheel of innovation never stops turning, and neither do we. SkyRoster is constantly evolving, thanks to regular updates and new features developed in collaboration with railway professionals like yourself.

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