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Personalised Workspace

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Quick access to everything that matters to you

Keep track of what's important

Get the whole picture with custom dashboards

Tailor your leave management with our easy-to-use feature from SkyRoster
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How does the workspace module run?

Tailored experience for every role

  • Custom dashboard overview for every role, different dashboards for employees, heads of unit and admins.

Personal calendar overview

  • Integrated calendar to manage your working schedule and keep track of your requests.

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Time tracking summary cards

  • Quick and simple overview of your remaining vacation days, extra allowance earned from on-duty shifts performed (training, overtime) and number of desired and undesired days to work that have been fulfilled by the rostering engine.

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Simple. Accurate. Easy

First, you'll want to get a better overview by accessing the custom dashboard.

Then, keep track of your requests by integrating your calendar.

Last but not least, see what allowance and days remain.

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