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Getting started with SkyRoster

It isn't easy to make choices.

Assessing if Rostering Automation is right for your business requires many decisions. We want to make this choice as easy as possible for everyone looking to improve how they roster people. So we've designed this 5-step process to get you started with Rostering Automation using SkyRoster.

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Step 1: Share a 1-month de-identified sample roster with us

An Excel sheet or a scanned copy of your pen and paper shift schedule works. 1-month minimum; the longer it is, the better. Make sure to change every personal information (staff names) with codes. 

Upload a de-identified sample roster

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2: Reverse engineering your sample roster

Our rostering analysts will decode your file and extract all the info they need for the next step:

  • The type of roster: team or individual roster;

  • The shift pattern in use;

  • The manpower requirements to cover the demand.

Don't worry; if we can't decode something, we will get back to you asking for help.

Step 3: SkyRosterizing your sample roster

One of our business analysts will use the info from the previous step to skyrosterize your current roster, recreating a 1-to-1 replica on the SkyRoster cloud platform. 

Step 4: Optimise your roster with AI-based constraint optimisation algorithms

Starting from this replica, our analysts will apply specific optimisation techniques (construction heuristics) and AI algorithms (simulated annealing, tabu search) to produce an optimised version of your current roster, using the same resources (staff headcount) and manpower requirements. This step usually takes between 3 to 8 business days, depending on the workload our analysts have at that moment. 

Step 5: Share the optimised roster with you

Sharing is caring! After we finish optimising your current roster, we will share it back with you! It will give you a flavour of what you can achieve by deploying rostering automation at scale. 

From this point on, only the sky is the limit.

If you are interested in moving forward with SkyRoster, we will plan together the next steps to completely personalise this journey for you. 

This usually involves having a more in-depth conversation on your staff scheduling processes, analysing requirements and producing a gap analysis between the current version of SkyRoster and your future SkyRoster deployment.

The tools included in the base SkyRoster platform (HR Management, Competency Management, Leave Management, Demand Planning, Strategic & Tactical Rostering Engines, Reporting & Analytics, Mobile App)  cover roughly 70% of the processes involved in 24/7 workforce scheduling.

The remaining functionality (dashboards, workflows, scheduling constraints, integrations with other business tools, etc.) will be added as custom layers on top of the base platform, making each SkyRoster deployment a perfect fit for every customer.

So are you ready to get started with SkyRoster? 
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