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Crew Rostering

SkyRoster for Airlines

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Effective crew rostering

  • Improving rosters for better productivity

  • Happy and healthy crew members

  • Cost and time optimization by shortening the crew planning process

What makes SkyRoster unique for your crew? 

By automating rosters for 24/7 shifts, you can easily program the engine to work efficiently and consider fatigue management rules, legal obligations and union requirements. This would allow for easier and more efficient management of crew members and ensure that all rules and regulations are followed.​


Rosters' challenges solved

SkyRosyter is your solution to complex rostering challenges. You can make the most efficient rosters that adhere to regulations while considering pre-assigned positions and crew choices. It can easily let you create and manage rosters and ensure that crew members are always scheduled for their needed shifts.


Increased employee productivity and satisfaction

SkyRoster provides different scenarios based on requirements and accurate data on rosters, so you can choose the one that suits your crew members well. Additionally, considering people's preferences and flexibility of shift-swapping will make them more satisfied.

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Cost and time optimization

Scheduling optimization can help reduce your company's overall cost, create a more efficient workload for employees, and improve customer satisfaction.



HR management

By storing crew members' personal data, labor regulation, union and fatigue management requirements, and any other contractual agreements in a secure digital contract, you can help ensure that everyone has the information they need to do their jobs effectively. And by assigning crew members to multiple units, departments, or teams, you can enable them to work together seamlessly across teams when necessary.

Competency Management


It is much easier to set conditions based on predefined parameters. Optimize and balance crew rosters system. You can consider factors such as legality, crew availability, training, crew preferences, and other crucial elements to make the best choices for your needs.

Leave Management

With Leave Management, you can define an unlimited number of leave types to match your company's specific needs. There is flexibility to accommodate your crew members' working preferences. To simplify things, SkyRoster provides real-time tracking and reporting of worked hours and leave balances. 

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Automated Rostering

SkyRoster offers a complete picture of your crew's circumstances (preferences, days worked, leave days, etc.) and generates rosters based on them to meet overall goals. 


Personalised Workspace

The custom dashboard will tell you everything you need to know about your requests and how much leave allowance and days you have left.

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Integrated Reporting

Generate reports on different aspects of employee productivity, including shifts, leave and duty requests, swap requests, hours worked, and more. Choose to create reports on individual employees or departments and use the built-in visualizations and charts for analysis.

Keep your crew engaged and productive
Manual Scheduling vs. Automated Rostering


The scheduling process is a pain and takes up a lot of time. It's a waste to have to do it manually, using a physical calendar or spreadsheet.


The tedious process of sending emails back and forth between colleagues to arrange shift swaps, followed by getting approval from the manager.


No one is a big fan of keeping track of everything and ensuring everything is accurate when it's all done by hand. 


When things go wrong - a colleague switches shifts or takes emergency leave - the schedule is updated by hand. This is a recipe for errors.

After SkyRoster

SkyRoster makes it simple and quick to schedule the workforce.

There is no need to put together a formal pitch to change your shift or send that email. You can change it with one of your available colleagues, and you'll be notified of the approval or rejection.

SkyRoster is the space where you can find all the worked hours and other information like remaining days without worrying about manually tracking.

The schedule will be automatically updated, preventing a lot of errors. 

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