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Welcoming FoxATM as a SkyRoster Ambassador!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

We are excited to announce that FoxATM has joined SkyRoster as a Brand Ambassador! FoxATM is a company that supports ANSPs, airports, and industry suppliers in their projects, offering a wealth of experience and expertise on demand.

We first met Vincent Lambercy and his team over a year ago and have been working to build a solid partnership ever since. This partnership has now come to fruition with FoxATM joining our team as a SkyRoster Brand Ambassador.

We are confident that this partnership will bring great value to both our companies and to the aviation community as a whole. We encourage everyone to check out FoxATM's website and see the amazing work they do.

One of their standout products is Foxbox, an air traffic analysis tool that uses patterns matching to extract valuable insights. With Foxbox, it's easy to configure and obtain key performance indicators (KPIs) with just a few clicks. Foxbox can analyze large amounts of historical data or work with live data feeds to produce KPIs and alarms in real time, and it's vendor independent, able to use any kind of surveillance data. The results and KPIs can also be integrated into an existing dashboard or custom website, and alerts can be sent via email or generated in text files and spreadsheets.

In addition to Foxbox, FoxATM offers the Market Radar, a resource for staying up to date on all that is happening in the Air Traffic Management and airport industries. The Market Radar follows news, calls for tenders, job postings, and more, and can help you find the right partners whether you're buying or selling. FoxATM also provides Air Traffic Management consulting services, bringing deep technical knowledge in surveillance, flight data, and environmental data processing, as well as a broad understanding of ATC operations.

We're thrilled to have FoxATM on board as a Brand Ambassador and look forward to the insights and expertise they bring to the table. If you're in need of support with your ATM projects, don't hesitate to reach out to FoxATM to discuss your needs and how they can support your success.

We have made available all the information here for anyone interested in learning more about being a SkyRoster Brand Ambassador and joining our network.

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