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JLG Consulting & SkyRoster at Airspace World 2023

We had the pleasure of attending Airspace World 2023, the world's leading event for airspace and near-space management, held in the beautiful city of Geneva from March 8th to 10th. As the largest gathering of its kind, Airspace World brings together a diverse range of professionals including ANSPs, suppliers, ATM experts, innovators, and technology owners for an intensive three-day learning, networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business opportunities.

Throughout the conference, our team conducted several compelling demonstrations for various organisations that were keenly interested in the benefits of our Rostering Automation platform. As a result of our participation in Airspace World, we were able to deepen our relationships with key stakeholders and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

1. Exploring the rostering challenges of organisations

Over the three days of running simulations at the conference, we gathered some fascinating insights. According to our findings, roster flexibility is one of the most prominent issues ANSPs face.

Moreover, we discovered that the specific challenges and concerns regarding roster building differ from one ANSP to another. For some ANSPs, the priority is ensuring that controllers are scheduled on shifts in a compliant manner connected to their licenses and requirements.

On the other hand, for other ANSPs, the Rostering Automation platform's ability to effectively manage and mitigate fatigue among their controllers is viewed as a significant advantage.

These observations demonstrate that while roster flexibility may be a common issue among ANSPs, the specific challenges and priorities may vary depending on the ANSP.

2. Connecting with SkyRoster Ambassadors

We had a great opportunity to meet our SkyRoster ambassadors at the event, GLOBAL AVIATION SPECIALISTS LTD and Fox ATM. Their insights and perspectives were valuable in expanding our understanding of the rostering challenges faced by the organisations and the role that SkyRoster plays in overcoming them. The discussions were fruitful, and we were able to develop new ideas and plans for the SkyRoster Ambassador Program. You can also learn more about our program and join it here.

3. Optimising 24/7-constraint-critical workforce management through Rostering Automation

At the conference, one of the key highlights was the informative presentation by our colleague, Florin Mijea. His presentation focused on the crucial topic of optimising 24/7 constraint-critical workforce management through Rostering Automation. During his presentation, Florin shed light on the concept of 24/7 constraint-critical workforce scheduling. He also highlighted the impressive results achieved by other ANSPs after using SkyRoster. You can also see a few parts of the presentation here.

By attending the Airspace World 2023, we gained valuable insights into the rostering challenges that various organizations encounter, as well as the crucial role that SkyRoster plays in overcoming them. We're eagerly anticipating Airspace World 2024

If you'd like to observe SkyRoster in action, schedule a product tour.

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