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What Features to Look for When Selecting a Rostering Staff Management Solution

We all understand that the heart of every organisation is its people. Thus, it is critical to manage their working hours effectively, ensure they maintain a healthy work-life balance, remain productive during work, and enjoy their leisure time. Before the advent of scheduling automation, roster managers relied on spreadsheets for planning—indeed, many still do. However, it's essential to recognize when it's time to say goodbye to outdated practices like spreadsheet scheduling and adopt new technologies, such as rostering automation platforms. This approach is particularly crucial in highly regulated sectors like Air Traffic Control, where scheduling methods need to offer considerable flexibility and resilience.

What features should you look for in roster management software to maximise your tool's potential and enjoy all its benefits?

1. Paperless HR Management

Keeping everything organized makes day-to-day work smoother, especially when it comes to managing employee documents scattered in different places. A rostering automation platform with a Paperless HR Management feature, like SkyRoster, can revolutionize this process. It cuts down on paper clutter, connects seamlessly with other HR systems, safely stores employee info, and provides quick access to important documents. This reduces your hassle of administrative tasks significantly.

2. Advanced Competency Management

In the around-the-clock world of Air Traffic Control, where the stakes are high and specific skills are non-negotiable, the ability to manage your team's competencies effectively is crucial. A Competency Management feature in your scheduling tool isn't just helpful; it's essential. It places the right people in the right roles, automates compliance and license tracking, and ensures smooth substitutions for absentees, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of unqualified staffing. This not only boosts operational efficiency but also keeps you in line with industry regulations.

3. Leave Management

To enhance work-life balance, productivity, and employee health, a Leave Management feature in rostering tools is invaluable. For you as a roster manager, leveraging this type of feature is like having a personal assistant for scheduling. It automates leave requests, sets work hour caps, and keeps an eye on vacation balances, all while making sure rules are followed. On the flip side, employees get a digital buddy that lets them pick their preferred workdays and request time off with just a few taps on their smartphone. This modern approach not only smooths out day-to-day operations but also enhances employees' overall satisfaction with their job.

4. Workforce Demand Planning

As a roster manager in an ANSP, making your scheduling as streamlined as possible is crucial. For example, SkyRoster’s Workforce Demand Planning feature is a game-changer, allowing you to customize work positions, schedules, and rest times to fit the unique needs of your team. It also lets you quickly adapt to changes in traffic or unexpected situations, ensuring you always have the right people in the right places at the right times. This feature is designed to make your job easier and your planning more efficient.

5. Integrated Reporting

You can always take your scheduling skills up a notch, even when you're already using a rostering automation platform. How? Look for a platform that boasts a top-notch reporting feature. For instance, having a feature like our Integrated Reporting lets you dive deep into the details with custom reports on everything from shift patterns to specific requests and performance metrics. It's like having a magnifying glass on your team's dynamics, allowing you to spot opportunities for improvement and tailor your strategy precisely. This feature turns data into actionable insights, making your job smoother and more impactful.

6. Personalised Workspace

When looking for an efficient rostering platform, it's crucial to find one that offers a comprehensive overview. SkyRoster's Personalized Workspace is a standout with its custom dashboard for each role, integrated calendars for schedule management, and a quick glance at vacation days, extra allowances, and fulfillment of work preferences. This feature enriches managers and employees’ experience by simplifying navigation and providing essential information at a glance, making it a valuable tool.

7. Automated Rostering with AI-based optimisation algorithms

Last but not least, a feature that truly makes a difference is the one that helps you smartly manage shifts. For instance, SkyRoster offers an Automated Rostering feature with AI-based optimisation algorithms. With this feature, you can dive into AI-optimized scheduling that is tailored just for your team's needs. You'll configure shifts, work hours, and ensure the right qualified staff are where they need to be. It's all about making your rostering effortless, from drafting to achieving the perfect schedule, while keeping everything regulation-friendly. You're encouraged to tweak and adjust as much as you need, giving you the flexibility to nail down those scheduling requirements precisely.

8. Conclusion

In a nutshell, by choosing a rostering automation platform with the comprehensive features mentioned, you can significantly boost your operations. It can:

  • Streamline document management by eliminating paper files and integrating with HR tools for secure data storage and easy access.

  • Match staff qualifications with roles through automated compliance and license tracking, facilitating seamless staff substitutions.

  • Automate leave planning by setting work hour caps and tracking vacation balances, while allowing employees to easily request time off.

  • Enable flexible scheduling, adapting to traffic changes and ensuring qualified coverage.

  • Deliver customized reporting for strategic insights and improved team dynamics.

  • Offer customized dashboards for quick access to schedules, vacation days, and work preferences.

  • Employ Automated Rostering with AI-based optimisation algorithms for smart shift management, allowing for effortless planning and adjustments to meet precise scheduling needs.

Our team is excited to guide you through our platform and show off what these features can really do. Book a product tour now!

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