HR Management Features

Employee digital contract

Every industry has a very specific work regulation in place regarding the employee rostering. In the field of Air Traffic Control, this regulation is very complex and is comprised of a set of legal requirements, fatigue management, contractual agreements and union requirements. All these different requirements together with each employee’s personal data will be managed through a secure digital contract.

Hierarchical organizational structure

Model your organizational structure inside the system by building different hierarchical units, teams or departments. A unit is an abstract concept of a department in an organization (can be a team, a department or another organization). Units can be defined within the application based on a hierarchical structure, with the possibility of having multiple sub-units / teams.

Top-down contract inheritance

Define digital contracts at any level and inherit them at the levels below or opt in for manual overrides. If the contract inheritance is enabled, when a parent contract is modified, the child contract is updated, as well.

Primary and secondary head of units

The Primary head of unit is to be responsible of the staff within that unit, to manage requests coming from employees, manage rosters and availabilities. The Secondary head of unit acts as a backup for the Primary head of unit.

Multiple unit membership

Assign employees on multiple units, departments or teams. An employee belongs to his Primary Unit but can perform work related duties in other Secondary units, as well.

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