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How can ATCOs improve focus? Rostering Automation - a key solution

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Working as an air traffic controller requires a lot of focus. As an air traffic controller, you are responsible for the safety of thousands of passengers. By remaining alert and being ready to respond to any situation, you can help keep everyone safe. Taking breaks every few hours is important to avoid fatigue when working shifts. You can help ensure a safe flight for all by remaining focused and alert.

Plenty of factors can contribute to a lack of focus, but two of the most important are lack of sleep and stress.

Lack of sleep -> lack of focus

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Not getting enough sleep can have some pretty severe consequences. Your thought processes can slow down, you can become less alert, and your ability to concentrate can suffer. Inadequate sleep can also cut into your working memory, making it harder to focus. Also, in the long-term, you could end up stuck with a reduced ability to focus, which could harm your personal and professional life.

Stress - an enemy of your focus and your daily activities

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Stress's consequences seriously affect our cognitive functions, including our ability to focus and concentrate. If you become mentally exhausted, it can be challenging to pay attention and can have an impact on your ability to function in everyday life. Also, extended periods of stress can lead to other issues, as some internal emotions are altered, such as sadness. Sadness is one of the top internal factors that can cause attentional bias. According to The Decision Lab, an attentional bias is a term that refers to our tendency to focus on some aspects while ignoring others. Research has shown that many factors can influence our attention, from external events and stimuli to internal states.

How to improve your focus? A few tips for your life after work.

There are many benefits to achieving a work-life balance, including improved concentration. If you're interested in improving work-life balance, check out this article. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you improve your concentration in your spare time:

  • Improve your sleep

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To get a good night's sleep, it is helpful to establish a routine. Turning off the electronics an hour before bed helps prepare your mind for sleep. You can wind down before bed with soft music, a warm bath, or a book. Finally, try to go to bed and get up around the same time each day, even on weekends. Exercise regularly, but avoid a heavy workout just before bed.

  • Exercise more

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Having an exercise routine can help a lot. If you don't enjoy sports, that's okay. You can start with a few minutes of movement each day and gradually increase the time as you get more comfortable. Going for walks or hikes in nature can also help reduce stress and improve your focus.

  • Take a break in nature

There's nothing like taking a break in nature to help with concentration. Just a few minutes of fresh air and you'll feel your focus return.

Now… How to achieve better focus at work?

If you're putting in the extra effort to become more relaxed and focused in your spare time, your company or manager can support you by understanding and creating an effective roster. Automated rostering can help create a more equitable schedule and eliminate fatigue.

For example, an automation rostering platform can help you keep everything organized and in one place, from requests and notifications to future assignments. This can be a great advantage to your productivity and concentration level, as you won't have to worry about keeping track of too many disparate pieces of information.

Also, an automated roster can help you schedule breaks according to the time you've worked and the tasks you've completed. Taking breaks is an essential part of being an air traffic controller, and it helps you maintain your focus on the job.

You will have the mental comfort of having your entire roster at a one-click distance and the possibility to self-swap shifts with other colleagues with the same qualifications. For example, SkyRoster offers this feature that relieves the burden of manually finding coverage and makes it easy for employees to find a shift to cover. Check out more information about this feature, get the free trial, and see your other benefits.

In a nutshell

First, identify which factors are causing you to lack focus. Secondly, try different tips or alternate the tips mentioned in this article. With willpower and patience, you can improve your concentration and work performance, enjoy more time with your loved ones and have a healthier lifestyle.

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