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The goal of the program

You will be part of our mission to empower ATCOs and Roster Officers to Work Less for More using rostering automation. 


Also, our goal involves the safety of the airspace because the health and well-being of our fellow Air Traffic Controllers are crucial to its insurance. Automating their rostering process is a big step towards achieving this aim. 

Moreover, if you know a business that could benefit from a rostering automation platform, we can discuss it further. 


Why should you become an ambassador?


Side job with extra income.


Become part of a growing  community:
Rostering Automation
for the 24/7 Workforce.


Networking & new opportunities to build upon.

You can become one of our Ambassadors if:

  • You are an influential professional working (or with previous working experience) in constraint-scheduling critical industries where the workforce is scheduled on 24/7 shifts: Air Traffic Control, Airports, Airlines, Healthcare Providers, Police Forces, Transportation, Assembly Lines, Fire & Rescue, Nuclear Power Plants, Coast Guards, etc.

  • You have a solid network and a strong voice, being recognized as a leader or influencer in your network regarding workforce management practices.

  • You believe and understand that SkyRoster is a product that positively impacts Roster Officers, Planning Managers and employees in the rostering process and their overall work.

  • You have an interest in digitization and process automation in organizations.

  • You can become an ambassador even if you haven't used the platform in your organization.

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