Competency Management Features

Custom Requirements, Qualifications and Ranks

Define and customize any number of requirements (Medical Check, English Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree, qualifications (licenses, unit endorsements) and ranks (beginner, advanced, expert, etc.). A qualification is valid if the associated requirements are valid and if its own validity is not expired.

Dynamic rules for requirements validities

Set conditional validities based on predefined parameters, i.e. “If employee is younger than 30, the validity is 365 days. Else the validity is permanent.”

Automated reminders for qualifications close to expire

Each time a qualification is due to expire, SkyRoster will automatically notify the responsible head of unit (team) via push notification and email, according to his notification settings.

Employee suspensions

Suspend an employee for a limited or unlimited period, for one or more of his assigned qualifications. When suspended, the employee cannot work on a shift which requires the respective qualification.

Automated synchronization with Rostering module

SkyRoster automatically tracks the validities of all employees’ qualifications and takes care to exclude from rostering the ones which are not legally allowed to work.

Qualifications management

Powerful dashboard to manage all your employees’ qualifications – renew, remove, suspend or add a new one, with just a few clicks.

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